Communique from Air Mauritius on the Yogita Babboo case

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Actualités, Economie

Air Mauritius is committed to maintaining strict standards of professionalism, integrity, and respect for our established codes of conduct. Recently there have been various allegations against the disciplinary process adopted by Air Mauritius Management in the case against Mrs Yogita Babboo who was an employee of the company and the President of Air Mauritius Cabin Crew Association at the time of the disciplinary process.

Air Mauritius Ltd would like to inform the public that it had initially requested Mrs Yogita Babboo for her explanations in writing following the broadcast of a programme on TOPFM and TOPTV aired on 25 April 2023, in the course of which she made several allegations against the company which projected a negative image of the company both nationally and internationally.

Following Mrs Yogita Babboo’s refusal to give her written explanations in relation to the statements she made during the course of that broadcast, she was invited to give her explanations at a disciplinary hearing.

However, upon the advice of her lawyer and her trade union representative, she, again, declined to give such explanations on account of having acted as a trade unionist when she made those statements as opposed to being an employee.

Management is of the view that Mrs Yogita Babboo has acted in breach of her contract of employment as an employee when she made those statements which are derogatory, unsubstantiated, mistaken, misleading, inaccurate and/or wrong and affects negatively the reputation of our national airline, both at a national and international level. This entitles Management to put an end to her employment the more so that she refused to submit herself to a disciplinary hearing and give her explanations to the charges which have been found proved at the hearing.

All of Mrs Yogita Babboo’s rights as an employee have been respected during the whole disciplinary process which has been conducted as per law.

We assure all stakeholders that such action is taken with a view to protect our business integrity and in response to a misconduct which gave us no alternative, in good faith, than to terminate her employment with immediate effect. We will continue fostering a work environment promoting open internal dialogue while ensuring our actions are aligned with the highest standards of corporate ethics.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

21 July 2023.



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