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The Commissioner of Police has taken cognizance of the program titled “Vimen
Leaks – La Bande Sonore Explosive” which was diffused by Teleplus on Facebook and
the Internet on Friday 9th June 2023 commencing at 1800 hrs.
2. Police has taken note and listened attentively to what was said during the
3. The Commissioner of Police reassures the public that the Police will thoroughly
investigate any alleged claim of abuse of authority or illegal acts by any of its officers.
4. The Commissioner of Police urges and invites Mr Nawaz Noorbux to hand over
the said pendrive to the Police for investigation.
5. The Police Force will act in all impartiality and fairness. It will not be deterred
by so-called attacks nor surrender in its battle against the drug lords who are
destroying countless youths and families in Mauritius.
6. The Commissioner of Police reassures the Public that the Police Force and its
different units will not flinch in its mission to rid our country of drug traffickers and
that he will not tolerate any alleged wrongdoings by any of his officers if such alleged
wrongdoings can be proved by evidence rather than by mere allegations.
Office of the Commissioner of Police
Police Headquarters
Line Barracks
Date: 10.06.2023 Port Louis


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