Attaques contre sa directrice et ses officiers : La Financial Intelligence Unit sort de ses gonds et s’en remet à la police

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Actualités, Economie, Politique

La Financial Intelligence Unit s’en remet à la police après les attaques à l’encontre de sa directrice et ses officiers. La FIU informe le public que les ordonnances du juge en chambre ont été remises à 20 banques et au Registrar général de 10h00 à 14h18 le 29 mars 2023, avant d’être diffusées dans les médias privés et publics. L’organisme a émis un communiqué ce samedi précisant que Carine Charlette-Katinic, sa directrice, n’a aucun lien de parenté avec des membres du gouvernement ni aucune affiliation politique.

Voici l’intégralité du communiqué:



  1. Established under section 9 of the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering  Act in 2002, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is the national central agency in Mauritius  that is responsible for the request, receipt, analysis and dissemination of financial information  regarding suspected proceeds of crime and alleged money laundering offences as well as the  financing of any activities or transactions related to terrorism to relevant authorities;
  2. The FIU Mauritiusis a member of the Egmont Group, Eastern and Southern Africa Anti Money Laundering Group, Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Southern Africa and has  to adhere to the FATF recommendations;
  3. The Director, Mrs. Carine Charlette-Katinic, is currently the President of the Asset  Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern Africa (ARINSA) and in February 2023 she was  elected as vice-chair of the Information Exchange Working Group of all Egmont FIU;
  4. The FIU notes with concern and condemns the recent attacks, direct and subtle, and  all the baseless and enunciation allegations made against the institutions, its officers and its  Director. FIU also condemns the pressures and veiled threats being exerted on its legal  advisers;
  5. The FIU wishes to clarify that the Director is not related to any Member of the Cabinet  or to any Member of the National Assembly and does not have any political affiliation or  aspiration;
  6. The FIU highlights that it is normal practice for the organization to retain services of  Senior Counsel and Attorney in respect of applications to the Judge in Chambers under the  Asset Recovery Act; and/or in matters before the Supreme Court of Mauritius depending on  the complexity and intricacy of the case. FIU’s in-house Legal Manager and staff have worked  on all 4 applications before the Judge in Chambers;
  7. The FIU highlights that pursuant to Rule 6 of the Supreme Court (Judge in Chambers)  Rules 2002 it is entitled, by law, after an application is set aside by a Judge in Chambers, to  enter a new application before another Judge in Chambers: Rule 6 of the Supreme Court  (Judge in Chambers) Rules 2002 provides as follows:

“6. (a) Where an ex parte application is made to a Judge In Chambers and is set  aside and another application is subsequently made by the same applicant and  contains essentially the same prayer, the applicant shall in his new application  disclose all the particulars of his previous application.  

(b) Where a Judge before whom an application has been lodged receives  information to the effect that the applicant has failed to comply with paragraph  (a), the Judge may, after hearing the applicant’s attorney or Counsel in relation  to the alleged non-compliance – 

(i) where he has not yet determined the application, set it aside; or  

(ii) where he has already determined the application, suspend any order made  by him.”

  1. An application before a Judge in Chambers under sections 27 and 30 of the Asset  Recovery Act is not granted on the mere asking. A Judge in Chambers who declines an initial  application is the only person who is qualified to opine on why such application was not  entertained by the Judge. An Order is granted when the Honourable Judge is satisfied, upon  taking cognizance of the affidavit supporting the application, that there are reasonable  grounds to believe that the property referred to in the application is proceeds, a benefit, or  an instrumentality or terrorist property, make a Restriction Order;
  2. The FIU strongly condemns the vile threats to the life of its Director and Officers and  has requested the Commissioner of Police to inquire into the matter;
  3. The FIU informs the public that the Orders of the Honourable Judge in Chambers were  served on 20 Banks and the Registrar General from 10 00 hrs to 14 18hrs on 29 March 2023,  prior to same being broadcast on private and public media. The FIU had 21 days to serve all  the Orders on all parties but it did so within 2 days on the concerned parties;
  4. The FIU also highlights that prior to the Restriction Orders being served, persons  working on the 4 cases were contacted (by phone, personal visits or by WhatsApp messages)  by various third parties on behalf of parties subject matter of the Orders from the Judge in  Chambers; and
  5. The FIU has since the year 2022 been assisted by FBI agents and hasrecently recruited a former Head of Strategic Analysis from FIU Moldova.
  6. The FIU is greatly indebted to:

(a) its Director and Officers,

(b) its in-house foreign experts;

(c) its Egmont Group partners;

for their assistance in investigating matters of a scale which have never been uncovered in  our jurisdiction.


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