Back to our routine life?

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Opinion

Let’s face it dear readers as we step in 2023. Now that the holidays are over and we’re all getting back to work. Everyone’s talking about work-life balance. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur. Or if you’re climbing the corporate ladder. I’m sure you’ve seen this on social media. Working dads-CEOs giving their advice on how to work 60-hour workweeks and have a healthy lifestyle. And it’s normal people are talking about this. After all, when you get to the office after a few days’ vacation… It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. After all, most of us come from a period where time almost stopped. Kids weren’t going to school. You were all day at home. Maybe you even had relatives staying with you for the holidays, and that meant a couple of extra hands to help you.

But now… Things are back to normal. And here are these productivity gurus on Social Media… Teaching you how to juggle every area of your life, and not drop a single one. The problem is that puts pressure on you. You need to have everything figured out… Just like your favorite Instagram Influencer does. (Or at least, that’s what it seems). And what happens as a result? In one word… Burnout.

You’re always on the run. There’s always something to do. You have no time left for yourself. And you think you can deal with everything. Until you can’t. I can tell you first hand because I went through the same thing a couple of years ago. Back then, I was trying to achieve amazing levels of success in every area of my life. I wanted to further boost up the image of my organisation. I wanted to be the best dad possible. I wanted to go to the gym six times a week, two hours each day. It was all about the grind. I was going to bed early and waking up earlier than before. And that lead me to be exhausted. Every area of my life started suffering. My performance at my job plummeted to the ground. I was always feeling odd when playing with my dogs. I was always tired to do my workouts. At some point, I realized what I was doing wasn’t going to work… That’s when I made a radical decision. I decided to forget about work-life balance.

And aim for work-life harmony instead.

You need to understand something. A common error that most people make is to think each area of their lives is isolated. Like these little boxes independent from each other. When the truth is… They’re all connected. They’re all your life as a whole. It’s a giant box. It just changes what you’re doing at every moment. And it’s just not possible to try to fit everything into it. I mean, just think about all the areas our lives have. Family, friends, exercising, social obligations, hobbies, sleeping… Now, imagine dedicating two hours of your day to each activity. Plus, you spend half of your waking hours at work. You’d need to have 50-hour days to pull that off at least. So, I suggest you let go of that. And look for work-life harmony instead. Start asking yourself…

How can you make them work together? What are my core values? What do I really want from life? Then use the time you have available for the things that matter the most to you. And leave the rest for later. Do this Dr, and I can assure you. You’ll start living a happier life. You’ll stop thinking there’s a work mode and a life mode. Like they were opposing forces. And instead, you’ll look to integrate your work into the life you want to have. And that will make your performance improve. Because you’ll be putting your energy into the things you actually care about the most.

Always forward,
Happy New Year to all of you

The Periscope


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