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Dear Friends,

The Council wishes to inform you that in light of GN 467 of 2021, Barristers or Attorneys
whose services have been retained by a person to attend a police station, place of detention or
Court can go attend such location with their Barristers card.
You are also invited to take cognizance of Supreme Court Communique (no.1 of 2021) issued
today in relation to court business.
Please note that both GN 467 of 2021 and the Supreme Court Communique have been posted
on the MBA App and also being sent by email.
Barristers are invited to act responsibly giving priority to urgent matters.
We will keep you updated via the MBA App, website and email.
In urgent cases, you can contact members of the Council:

Yatin Varma: 52500311
Mayuri Bunwaree-Ramlackhan: 57476747
Rubna Daureeawo: 52556774
Hisham Oozeer: 57283715
Poonum Teeluckdharry: 59428080
Yashley Reesaul: 59402717
Anekha Punchoo: 52532594

Stay safe.

Yours faithfully,
Mayuri D. Bunwaree-Ramlackhan
Secretary of the Bar Council


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