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1. The National Crisis Committee has validated the recommendations of the Technical Committee chaired by the Director of Shipping with regard to:

a) The scuttling position which has taken into consideration the views of the all the experts and different NGO’s present in the crisis committee, including Marine Mammal Observers and Marine Mega Fauna Conservation.

b) The conditions under which the scuttling exercise will take place, so that it does not cause any pollution at sea or interfere with the maritime route.

c) The appropriate time for this exercise will be decided by the Chief Salvage Master, according to sea conditions.

2. The scuttling position and conditions are in conformity with the advice of the French experts present in Mauritius.

3. The aft-section of the casualty is still aground on the reef. The remaining lubricating oil in the aft-section will be pumped off the vessel by SMIT Salvage masters on Friday next, when the sea conditions are expected to improve.

4. Brand Marine Consultants has been appointed by the P&I Club to carry out an international tender exercise for the appointment of a contractor to remove the wreck (aft-section on the reef).

5. The deployment of booms has been further reinforced and 200 metres of sorbent booms have been place on the shoreline near Preskil Hotel. The National Coast Guard is continuously monitoring the deployed booms especially around sensitive sites.

6. The skimming vessels are continuing to mop up any oil slick in the lagoon.

7. Ten thousand absorbent pads have been received from the Indian Authorities and will be used in the shoreline clean-up. Additional absorbent pads are expected from Japanese Authorities.

8. Surveys are regularly being carried out to monitor:
(a) The air quality in schools and residential areas,
(b) Coastal water quality, and
(c) The coastal eco-system.

9. A team has been set-up to carry out a long term reef impact assessment.

10. An environmental and socio economic impact assessment will be carried out by a multi-disciplinary team of local and international experts.

11. An e-platform has been set up under the Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping, to facilitate submission of claims in connection with the MV Wakashio incident. The e-platform may be accessed on the following website: http://blueconomy.govmu.org

National Crisis Committee
Wednesday August 19, 2020


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