There is a breach in the vessel MV WAKASHIO and there is a leakage of oil…

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Actualités, Société

This Ministry has been informed today 06 August 2020 at 11 00 hours that there is a breach in the vessel MV WAKASHIO and there is a leakage of oil. The public in general, including boat operators and fishers are requested not to venture on the beach and in the lagoons of Blue Bay, Pointe d’Esny and Mahebourg. Fishers and boat operators are also requested to immediately remove their boats from the beach and the lagoon of the above areas.

The remaining crew of the MV Wakashio have already been evacuated.

Access to Blue Bay Marine Park and the Mahebourg fishing reserve is strictly restricted as from this morning and until further notice. All highly sensitive areas including the Ramsar site of Pointe d’Esny and the Blue Bay Marine Park have been protected with booms.

All relevant authorities are mobilized on site for any necessary action. NCG Team and Polyeco are taking all measures to contain the leakage. Additional measures are also being taken to protect these sites in view of anticipated oil spill.

Contact has been established with the authorities of Reunion Island for assistance and a representative of Région Réunion is already giving us support.

Other International and regional organisations have been informed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade of the risk and request is being made for further assistance.

The public is requested to exercise caution and not to venture on the beach in these areas.


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